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Golden cats, white cats, black cats,
solar powerded cats, cats with crowns,
cats made of porcelain or with their family.


We have them all.
Have fun browsing and waving

What type of Maneki-neko lover are you?


It is all new to you?

Then one of our little Maneki-Neko is just right for you.
She is only 11 centimetres tall, but she is as strong as a big cat and will find a favourite place anywhere


Solar? Of course!

This little cat waves with 100% natural electricity and needs no battery.
With a solar cell in the base, it starts waving as soon as the sun comes out.

Big is beautiful

Family Business

You like to party big?
Sure, because who likes to be alone.
Six little kittens made of procelain - how much luck can you get?

Only 3,99 € shipping worldwide

You can't get enough?

Cute patches

"Live long and prosper"

Well, who said this?
Of course, Mr Spock. And who better to deliver this message than a stylish 70s design patch with a waving cat.

More wiggle-wiggle

Wiggling dog are so oldschool.

Now not only the dog wiggles, but also the cat.

After all, equality is a must ;-)

1001 Maneki-nekos


You need more than a few cats for your project? We can make you attractive offers in B2B sales.

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